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I may not be the first Bail Bondsman whom you called for help, but I will be the last one who can help you.
“This is my guarantee”
Here at PG-13 Bail Bonds, we work quickly and efficiently to get the bail bonds that you need to get out of jail.
At PG-13 Bail Bonds, we understand how hard it is to be locked behind bars. That is why you can count on us to do the job to get you out quickly. So give us a call if you are in need of a reliable bail bonds agency in the area.


If you are looking for assistance with posting bail, PG-13 Bail Bonds is the best bail bond company in Greater Los Angeles Area. With our 24 Hour Bail Bond Service, we are your Key to Freedom!

Our specialty is providing superior bail bonds service to our clients, helping them get free in the time before their scheduled court date. Contact Us now for free bail information and inmate information. We are always striving to help people out when they are in trouble, providing you with a bail bondsman that is always fast, professional, and reliable. Possessing more than three decades of combined experience, we offer the quickest, easiest, and most compassionate assistance available, assistance upon which you and your loved ones can rely. We pledge to accommodate your needs however possible.

Our services are available wherever you need them, whenever they are needed.

Fast service, a friendly staff, experienced agents, and great prices! We do not measure our success based on profits, but rather the experience we are able to provide for our clientele. We may not have been the first agency that you have spoken to, but we will definitely be the last. Here to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a professional Van Nuys Bail Bonds service.

Years of experience

Having been in the bail industry for over 18 years, the agents from PG-13 Bail Bonds can assist you better than any other agents around. We have the most experience!

Areas we serve

We service the Greater Los Angeles Area, with bail bond agents and offices conveniently located near you. Visit our Google Business Listing to speak to a professional agent today. Not only that, but we maintain close working relationships with many of most reputable attorneys, substance abuse and mental health facilities, and rehabilitation groups. We know how difficult these situations are, and we will do everything we can to make your life easier.

Need to locate a loved one that has been recently arrested? Go to our Van Nuys Inmate Search for instant information.


Our great customer reviews have given us much credibility in our industry. Let us be your go-to bail bonds company.

2% Down O.A.C
20% Discount on Military, Union Members, Clients with Private Attorneys

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Van Nuys Bail Bonds

Serving residents of Van Nuys and its surrounding cities with the highest quality of bail bonds services.

The staff at PG-13 Bail Bonds have been a staple in the Los Angeles community for over 18 years, providing award-winning customer service and rapid bail services for LA residents and visitors. Our experienced staff and qualified agents have the tools necessary to ensure that you or your loved one will have a fast and affordable release from jail.

Use our free Van Nuys Inmate Search to locate your loved one today.

The majority of Americans do not simply wake up before work and prepare themselves for needing bail bonds later on in the day. The average person just doesn’t plan for this to happen to them, and we understand that bad things happen to great people, that’s why we are in the business of getting innocent people out of jail.

You can reach us at (818) 373-4444 or visit our contact us page to speak to an agent for a free and instant quote.

Los Angeles Bail Bonds

When Should I Contact A Bail Bonds Company in Los Angeles?

Arrests can be a burden on a family and individual, especially the financial problems that follow. With PG-13, we make the entire process of posting bond and reconnecting with your loved one as simple as 1-2-3. If you find yourself or someone close to you in a bind, call PG-13 at (818) 373-4444. We may not be the first company you speak to, but we will be the last to help. That is our guarantee.

Affordable Prices

We offer flexible payment plans for those who cannot pay off their bond in full for those who qualify. Affordable rebates for union workers, the elderly, government employees, and military rebates up to 2% are available at all times for those who qualify, apply now to get started.

Agents Near You

Proximity and availability mean everything to our company so we will be anywhere you need us to be to ensure a fast release after posting bond with PG-13. There is no jail we cannot service and no police department we have not been to. Our experience in the industry is not contested.